Autogas is a blend of Butane and Propane or Methane and is the cleanest fossil fuel available making it the third fuel of choice around the world. Autogas is the name used for LPG / CNG when used as an alternative automotive fuel.

When used in vehicles Autogas has impressive performance levels comparable to normal ULP fuels available whilst offering several benefits and savings on petrol engines.

LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a mixture of propane and butane that is liquefied at 15 °C and a pressure of 1.7 – 7.5 bar. LPG is also used for domestic purposes.

CNG is Compressed Natural Gas and is stored on the vehicle in high-pressure tanks – 20 to 25 MPa (200 to 250 bar, or 3,000 to 3,600 psi).  Natural gas consists mostly of methane and is drawn from gas wells or in conjunction with crude oil production.  CNG can be used for industrial and domestic purposes.

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The refineries in South Africa produce a high quality LPG when compared to many other parts of the world. When used in vehicles Autogas has impressive performance levels comparable to normal ULP fuel whilst offering several benefits and savings on petrol engines.CNG is delivered through the pipeline system, it also contains hydrocarbons such as ethane and propane as well as other gases such as nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, sulphur compounds, and water vapour. A sulphur-based odourant is normally added to CNG and LPG to facilitate leak detection. 

Autogas as a dual-fuel

Autogas works as dual-fuel system with petrol powered vehicles. This means the vehicle can operate on petrol or Autogas and switch between the two at any time. Vehicles have both petrol and LPG or CNG tanks. When an Autogas filling station is not available or you run out of Autogas, your vehicle switches automatically back to petrol. You can switch between petrol and Autogas at the click of a button.

Having two fuel tanks also allows you to increase the range and distance traveled between fill-ups.


What To Expect

Petrol is a slightly more efficient fuel than autogas, and the increased consumption is more than compensated for by significant savings on the autogas itself. Dyno tests are done to show there is no noticeable loss in power using autogas. Driving on LPG or CNG will appear smoother and more responsive than when using petrol. The engine is quieter and engine oil remains cleaner for longer. Autogas has several environmental benefits and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Less LPG than Petrol


Less CNG than Petrol

Other Fuel Requirements

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