Autogas SA a company founded eight years ago in March 2011 specializing in converting motor vehicles to run on alternative greener fuels such as LPG and CNG natural gas. We are all about providing a holistic solution for all our customers. To achieve this, it’s important to understand the customers’ needs and align these with the financial benefits and carbon emissions savings objectives we offer.

Safety – Certificates of Compliance

All our conversions come with a certificate of compliance according to SANS approval and international manufacturing standards. Peace of mind and safety is our priority and we only make use of the highest certification standards available globally thereby ensuring our conversions exceed all available local and international standards of safety and compliance. Autogas vehicles have a better safety record globally than normal petrol and diesel vehicles.

Engine Warranty

We have our own South African designed warranty product for that unlikely event to cover any consequential damage to the motor vehicle.


We are the authorized distributor for Landirenzo, an Italian company and world-leading manufacturer of Autogas components. Their products, support, and training on the world-leading systems live up to expectations and have proved themselves time again in the Southern African environment to be a reliable safe and perform exactly as intended. We supply all the necessary components to convert passenger or light commercial vehicles as well as medium and heavy-duty trucks.

Other Fuel Requirements

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