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Whilst LPG and CNG as a fuel may be a new concept within the  South African market it has been a working model in other parts of the world for the last 40 years.

Autogas SA provides the most advanced technology on the market with the best possible value to achieve maximum savings for the motorist and fleet owner.

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AutoGas SA is a South African registered business started in 2011 that is a distributor of Landirenzo, the world leader in the field of Automotive LPG and CNG  to bring a cheaper alternative fuel solution to the South African consumer. 


 LPG/CNG or Autogas is used as a dual-fuel system with petrol. This means the vehicle can operate on petrol or Autogas and switch between the two at any time with the switch of a button.

Vehicles are fitted with either LPG/CNG cylinders to meet the customer’s needs. If you run out of Autogas, your vehicle automatically switches back to petrol this allows you to increase the range and distance traveled between fill-ups.

Petrol is a slightly more efficient fuel than LPG, any fuel consumption efficiency is more than compensated for by a significant saving on the fuel itself. There is also a no power loss when LPG replaces petrol in fuel. Driving on LPG will appear smoother and more responsive than when using petrol.

Great for you and the environment

The Cleaner, Greener Fuel

With an increasing need to protect the world we live in Autogas is one of the most environmentally friendly automotive fuels around. Autogas offers an option to help reduce harmful emissions and has already made huge differences in cities where pollution was a major problem  

Tests have shown that Autogas emits:

  • 10-12% less CO2 than petrol
  • 53% less NOx than petrol
  • 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel


Our conversions

Covered by our own South African warranty product.



Benefits, Efficiencies and Saving

After converting your vehicle to gas you to enjoy the benefits of fuel savings as well as carbon emission reductions to do our part together in protecting our environment. Using a quality product ensures perfect performance for your vehicle without compromise.

Safety - Certificates of Compliance

All our conversions come with a certificate of compliance according to SANS approval and international manufacturing standards. Peace of mind and safety is our priority and we only make use of the highest certification standards available globally thereby ensuring our conversions exceed all available local and international standards of safety and compliance. Autogas vehicles have a better safety record globally than normal petrol and diesel vehicles.

Engine Warranty

We have our own South African designed warranty product for that unlikely event to cover any consequential damage to the motor-vehicle.

Bulk Gas Supply

We will make recommendations on a gas that best suits your needs - LPG or Natural gas. We supply bulk gas and refueling infrastructure to meet the daily operations and needs of our customers.

Supported Workshops

As part of our ongoing commitment support and to all customers training and we provide fully certified workshops to carry out maintenance and servicing.

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